Our biggest plants

Our portfolio consists of more than twenty solar plants.
Following you can see some of our largest solar projects.

This is the first one Megawatt peak solar plant that was built in Greece.
We built it on 2007 in the area KILKIS-GREECE and rebuilt it recently to utilize the tracking solar panel technology for a more efficient production.

This is another one of our one-Megawatt peak parks in the area of KILKIS which was build in 2008

Upcoming Projects

Below you can find some of our new Projects considering renewable energy.

We are currently constructing our biggest solar plant in the area of
This plant will be built on top of a mountain and have the capacity of 5 MWp.

We currently are working on a wind farm in PARANESTI DRAMA with the capacity of
40,8 MWp.

The Farm is ready to build and we are in the ongoing process of finding the suiting investors.

This is one of three new 500 kwp solar plants wich are currently being finished in PONTOIRAKLIA GREECE. They are also utilizing the tracker panel technology as displayed on the picture.